The Cygnet is an international journal published occasionally by the Mary Sidney Society for its members. The purpose of the journal is three-fold: 1) to provide a forum for those interested in further information about the possibility that Mary Sidney Herbert, the Countess of Pembroke, wrote the works attributed to William Shakespeare; 2) to provide a vehicle for those wishing to research and publish articles on the above topic; and 3) to provide informative articles on the “Shakespearean” works since Mary Sidney may have written them. 

The Editorial Board of The Cygnet invites submissions of articles, inquiries, poems, and reviews. For  information about submissions see below.


Issue 1 • 2006

Issue 1 • 2006

Issue 2 • 2013

Issue 2 • 2013

 (80 pages) Mail requests for copies to the Mary Sidney Society, 7 Sweet Swan Lane, Santa Fe, NM 87505, USA.

Robin’s Report • Robin P. Williams

Mary Sidney, author of Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece • Ross Carter

Maistres Marie: a plesant poet perfyte sall ye be • Stella Daly

Pseudonymous Shakespeare: Book Review • Barbara Riley

Esoteric Insights into Mary Sidney’s Character • Barry Hatfield

Correspondences—Making Understanders of Us All • Amy Meilander

It is a Reeling World, Indeed • Bonnie Kohl

(110 pages) Purchase copies from Amazon here.

Robin’s Report • Robin P. Williams

Lady Anne Herbert: Another Wilton Secret? • Robert Hayes

Lady Jane Lumley’s Iphigenia: A Muse of Fire • Claire van Kampen

Rare Secrets and Future Fate: Revealed in Rhyme • Robin P. Williams

Seltene Geheimnisse: An Interpretation of the Title • Judith Ribble

Ben Jonson’s Eulogy: The Case for Mary Sidney • Jonathan Star

The Masters Degree Program: Shakespeare Authorship Studies • Robin P. Williams

That Emperor has no Clothes! • Fred Faulkes

Lear and the Fool • John Cheek

Apocalypticism and the Holy Grail in King Lear • Barry Hatfield

Close Reading King Lear • Amy Meilander

On the Death of Dana Evans • Robin P. Williams

Dana Evans Memorial Scholarship:

Susan Sheridan

James Norrena

Anna Darrah

“Who’s There?”: Playing with the Shakespeare Authorship Question • Elizabeth West

Earls of Paradise: Book Review • Amy Meilander

Shakespeare in Disguise: A cryptic puzzle of another sort • Rosetta

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Submissions to The Cygnet

The Editorial Board of The Cygnet invites inquiries, articles, poems, and reviews.

1    Submission

Please email a text file. Be sure to include your name, email, and full postal address, as well as your email address in the file. Authors will be notified as soon as possible. The editors cannot enter into correspondence about material considered to be unsuitable for publication. 

If this article is a reprint, please be sure you have permission to republish it. If you choose to republish an article that was originally printed in this journal, we request that you credit the story as “Originally published in The Cygnet, year.”

Securing permission for the reproduction of illustrations and quotations from copyrighted material is the responsibility of the author.

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2    Style

Contributions will be edited into the journal’s house style. References should appear in endnotes rather than footnotes.  

3    Proofs

Authors will be sent pdf proofs by email. These should be printed, read, and returned within five working days. If corrections are not received within this time limit, the Editors will check, correct, and pass proofs for press.

4   Author's copies

The publisher will supply each author of an accepted article with two free copies of the journal; further copies may be ordered.