Music Selections

Here is a short list of CDs of Elizabethan and other music from the time of Mary Sidney.

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*Songs & Sonnets from the Time of Mary Sidney, composed and arranged by Mary Outten. Hear samples and buy the CD at

*Songs from the Labyrinth, music by John Dowland, performed by Sting and Edin Karamazov 

*John Dowland: Complete Lute Music, vol 2, by John Dowland, composer, Nigel North lute

*Lute Songs of John Dowland: the original First and Second Books including Dowland's original tablature

*When Love Speaks -- The Sonnets, various artists perform "Shakespeare" sonnets, the RADA 2002 benefit concert, composer and conductor Michael Kamen (see note at the bottom of this page)

*O Mistress Mine: A Collection of English Lute Songs, performed by Urrey and Frederick 

*Music of Handel, Bach and the English Renaissance, vol 4, Alfred Deller, including Thomas Morley's Canzonets for two voices 


Note: you can watch and listen to David Gilmour singing his non-vibrato rendition of sonnet 18,

with the music composed by Michael Kamen, at this site: