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Want to read The Comedy of Errors while taking a shower?

How about cuddling up with Mary Sidney and Sonnet 81?

Need a bumper sticker?


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Or just head on over to the Mary Sidney Society shop at CafePress and find aprons, pillows, wine charms,  and even a Mary Sidney portrait flask for those chilly days at the football game, or wrap yourself in a blanket with sonnet 81 for a cozy evening at home reading poetry by you know who! Click on this CafePress link here. (When you buy from the Mary Sidney shop at CafePress the entire profit comes to the Mary Sidney Society. Thank you!)

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The Comedy of Errors Shower Curtain
Mary Sidney probably wrote The Comedy of Errors. Now you can read the entire play on your shower curtain!

$47.99 to buy at CafePress.

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Much Ado About Mary Throw Blanket, a really cozy throw
Cuddle up with Mary Sidney and Sonnet 81. (Her portrait based on the famous Hilliard miniature is on one side, and the whole sonnet 81 is writ large on the other.)

$79.19 to buy at CafePress.

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"Who is Mary Sidney?" Mary Sidney Bumper Sticker
Start a conversation in that car following you when the occupants read your bumper sticker referring to the Countess of Pembroke! 

$4.48 to buy at CafePress.